Resource Action Network Investigative Services, Inc.

Resource Action Network is a full service investigative agency.  Responsibilities include surveillance, civil investigations, background investigations, insurance fraud (i.e. worker's compensation and accident liability claims), hospital and pharmacy searches, title searches, civil liability, claims verification services, statement procurement, witness location, skip tracing and subpoena and special process serving.  The company also provides Special Investigative Unit (SIU) services for self insured and insurance companies. Security evaluations, (TSCM), Special Process Services and courtroom testimony when required.   All company agents are skilled in the operation of state of the art  digital and micro surveillance equipment.  The clients of Resource Action Network are provided with accurate video documentation and detailed written documentation of the claimant's activities.

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The Resource Action Network surveillance product has helped save insurance companies, corporations and small business establishments money by revealing fraudulent workman's compensation and accident liability claimants.  Resource Action Network is recognized in the claims industry for providing thorough, cost-efficient, quality services and for developing techniques to successfully locate and obtain video documentation of elusive claimants and since it’s origin has handled over 7000 case files.